Rich gold hues and midnight blue, which the Duke of Windsor thought looked blacker than black in the night, make this marble cellphone case a luxurious standout in the collection and is perfect for a season that is all about “more is more”: It’s the case


The Midnight Terazzo design captures the gleaming composition of chromatic nocturnal colours. Inspired by the iconic mid-century Venetian terrazzo craft, this contemporary style embodies the essence of terrazzo with a confetti of beaming white and grey hu

IDeal of Sweden telefoniümbris iPhone X/Xs Island Paradise Marble

Purjeta tuulisel türkiissinisel Kariibimerel täiendades oma outfit’i Island Paradise Marble ümbrisega. Helesinine marmor annab telefoniümbrisele kristalse ja troopilse hõngu. iDeal of Sweden moekollektsioon on Premium taseme telefoniümbriste kollektsioon kõigile, kes tahavad eristuda ja soovivad oma outlook’i täiendada värskeimatest moevooludest inspireeritud ümbristega. Telefoniümbris on valmistatud vastupidavast plastikust, mis hoiab Sinu telefoni kaitstud. Ümbrise sisemine seemisnahast vooder kaitseb telefoni kriimustuste eest. Kõik moekollektsiooni ümbrised ühilduvad iDeal of Sweden Slim Magnet Wallet magnetiga rahakottümbriste kollektsiooniga.
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IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand for cellphone accessories. Accessories of Attraction makes our products effortlessly interchangeable with a simple magnetic click. A state-of-the-art innovation allows you to create the most perfect matches and follow your fashion attractions. Make a connection with Accessories of Attraction. Inspired by the latest fashion trade shows and runway trends, iDeal of Sweden designs the products in Sweden. The company was founded in 2013 with the goal of producing the most innovative products that stand out and make a difference in people’s life. All of the products are produced using very carefully selected materials of the highest quality. iDeal of Sweden is particularly proud of the Premium PU material, which is identical to, but more durable than genuine leather; perfect for phone accessories, which endure a lot of wear. Premium PU also makes our premium products affordable and a great value for money.
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Device iPhone Xs/X
Material Plastic
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